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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Live draft updates

Refresh this post throughout the day to get a quick summary of notable draft picks.

Last update: 11:33 p.m.

Top 10 picks:
1. St. Louis -- Erik Johnson, D, Minnesota recruit. Comment: No surprise here. A year ago, the Blues traded away all-star defenseman Chris Pronger. Now, they nab a player many scouts call a young Pronger.

2. Pittsburgh -- Jordan Staal, F, Petersborough. Comment: After watching his brother Eric play in the NHL this year, and his other brother Marc play in the World Juniors, how could you not want a Staal on your team?

3. Chicago -- Jonathan Toews, F, UND. Comment: So, Toews goes No. 3 to Chicago. This will obviously give some Sioux fans worries that the Blackhawks will try to sign him. If so, he will join former Sioux standout Brandon Bochenski.

4. Washington -- Nicklas Backstrom, F, Sweden. Comment: He should be able to give some help to Alexander the Great in Washington.

5. Boston -- Phil Kessel, F, Minnesota. Comment: Kessel ends up dropping to five, where the Bruins take him. Boston is another team that might be more anxious to quickly sign a draft pick.

6. Columbus -- Derick Brassard, F, Drummondville. Comment: The speedy center should help add offense to the Rick Nash-led Blue Jackets.

7. N.Y. Islanders -- Kyle Okposo, F, Minnesota recruit. Comment: Many people thought the Wild were going to have a shot at taking this Shattuck-St. Mary's product. Apparently not, though. Okposo is the second Shattuck alum taken in the top seven picks.

8. Phoenix -- Peter Mueller, F, Everett (WHL). Comment: The big forward didn't get half the applause as the guy who stepped up to the mic to announce his name (Great One).

9. Minnesota -- James Sheppard, F, Cape Breton. Comment: Minnesota takes a playmaker from the Q.

10. Florida -- Michael Frolik, F, Czech Republic. Comment: Originally projected much higher than this, but his stock fell during the season. The 2005 World Junior standout still goes in the top 10.

Players with local connections:
Jonathan Toews, UND -- Selected in the first round, No. 3 overall, by the Chicago Blackhawks.

Carl Sneep, Brainerd -- Selected in the second round, No. 32 overall, by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Michael Forney, UND -- Selected in the third round, No. 80 overall, by the Atlanta Thrashers.

Aaron Marvin, Warroad -- Selected in the third round, No. 89 overall, by the Calgary Flames.

Derrick LaPoint, UND recruit -- Selected in the fourth round, No. 116 overall, by the Florida Panthers.

Left undrafted...

Tysen Dowzak, Fergus Falls
Zach Jones, UND
Kai Kantola, F-M Jets
Jordan Willert, Minot
Jeremy Beller, Lake of the Woods


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