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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Team USA part 1

USA Hockey just released part of the American roster for the 2006 World Championships in Riga, Latvia. The rest of the roster will be released after the first round of the NHL playoffs. Then, the Americans will add players from teams that have been eliminated.

UND's Drew Stafford is the only collegiate player on the roster, so far. He also is the youngest. Another notable is Moorhead, Minn., native Mark Cullen, who played at Colorado College.

Here is the portion of the roster USA Hockey released:

31 Craig Anderson, Chicago Blackhawks
33 Jason Bacashihua, St. Louis Blues

41 Andrew Alberts, Boston Bruins
6 Joe Corvo, Los Angeles Kings
25 Hal Gill, Boston Bruins
44 Brooks Orpik, Pittsburgh Penguins

23 Dustin Brown, Los Angeles Kings
8 Mark Cullen, Chicago Blackhawks
9 Andy Hilbert, Pittsburgh Penguins
17 Ryan Kesler, Vancouver Canucks
12 Ryan Malone, Pittsburgh Penguins
18 Richard Park, Vancouver Canucks
11 Marty Reasoner, Boston Bruins
16 Jim Slater, Atlanta Thrashers
19 Drew Stafford, UND Fighting Sioux


Former Sioux players made big impacts in the NHL playoffs last night. In case you missed it, Mike Commodore (97-00) assisted on Carolina's game-tying goal in the third period against Montreal. Carolina went on to win 2-1 in overtime, cutting Montreal's series lead to 2-1.

In Madison Square Garden, the New Jersey Devils won their 14th straight game and took a 3-0 series lead over the New York Rangers. Zach Parise (02-04) scored his first-career playoff goal by tipping a Brian Gionta shot past Ranger goaltender Henrik Lundqvist. Parise's line completed a hard-working shift to keep the puck in the zone, and Parise was rewarded for going to the net. Earlier in the game, David Hale (00-03) put together a series of good plays and was rewarded with an assist. Hale took a Ranger forward to the ice behind the net, then broke up a centering pass and sent Jamie Langenbrunner and Patrik Elias down the ice. Elias finished it off. Hale has played in the last two games for New Jersey, as tough-guy Colin White has a groin injury. Hale will have to continue his strong play in order to keep a spot when White is available.

In the AHL playoffs, Colby Genoway (02-05) is tearing it up. He has nine points in Hartford's last three games, including a five-point night. His team is one game away from elimination, though.


Blogger Goon said...

I think the USA team is going to get whiped from the face of th earth, there isn't much in the way of tallent on that team.

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

theJubmo rulz!

5:53 PM  
Blogger Grand Forker said...

Great blog, Brad. The more sources of Sioux hockey information, the better.

I think everyone expects Drew Stafford to turn pro soon, but what's the story on Rastislav Spirko and Jordan Parise? Do you have any insight you can share on their status?

1:13 AM  
Blogger Schlossman said...

It will be interesting to see rosters from other countries. CBC reported that the Canadian roster probably won't have any Olympians, but Sidney Crosby, Patrice Bergeron, Marc Denis, Brad Boyes and Mike Comrie will be playing.

As far as Spirko and Parise go, I recently talked to Sparky and he said there was nothing new with him. I also talked to J.P. Parise, Jordan's father, a couple of weeks ago and he said Jordan would "probably be back." I have a feeling that we might not know exactly who will be back until late in the summer.

7:29 PM  
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